Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Monday Meal Plan: Feb 15

This past week seemed to fly by!  I hope everyone enjoyed Valentine's Day and is enjoying their holiday weekend! We used a gift card and had a candle-lit Italian carry-out dinner - no cooking or dishes for me! My husband had today off so we took a family trip to the zoo. Z had a ton of fun scaling a climbing wall at the zoo playground and I think his favorite animal encounter of the day was a tie between the baby gorillas and a very brave squirrel.

This coming week is a day shorter for us and we have one night when we'll be at a farewell dinner for some missionary friends of ours, so I only have two meals planed out.

The menu for this week includes:
White Chicken Chilli with Cornbread
Southern-Style Lasagna and Spinach Salad

What's cookin' at your house?

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