Saturday, November 28, 2015

Stay at Home Mom: A Leap of Faith

This is an exciting and somewhat unsettling time for our family. I've turned in my resignation  in order to stay at home with my son!  It's a great part-time job that I've really enjoyed, but it just isn't working for our family anymore.  I've been pondering taking this step for a while, but something held me back from actually resigning.  Namely, I have no idea how I am going to bring in some extra income.  Granted, the income I'm giving up is part-time and non-profit - nothing that's going to change the world - but it helps!

As I prayed and pondered over this decision, a certain scripture came to mind. "God told Abram: 'Leave your country, your family, and your father's home for a land that I will show you.'" Gen 12:1
I love that, "... a land that I will show you".
Sometimes God calls us to pick up and go, even if we don't know where.  He knows, and He will show us.  I'm the kind of person who like things nice and defined, black and white with no shades of gray.  God could send me to a hut in the middle of nowhere and I would go without hesitation if I knew it was His will ... but approaching a stranger who needs a friend when I'm not sure if it's God prompting me or just indigestion?  That almost scares me more.  I have pleaded with Him several times to make it easy and just tell me what do to so I could do it, however difficult it may be; but on one occasion, I heard Him answer me with a simple "No."
I was somewhat surprised that I clearly heard Him in the first place, but I started thinking "What do you mean no?  Why not?" (I mean, isn't obedience the whole point?)
He replied, "Because then you wouldn't have to trust me."
I learned in that moment that God want's our trust as much as He wants our obedience. Sometimes His instructions seem incomplete - because He wants us to follow His leading in the moment.  Sometimes He leaves our questions unanswered - because He wants us to trust His heart and His ways.  In this case, I feel like He wants me to take a leap of faith - trusting Him enough to jump, even if I don't know what the landing will look like.

Our walk with God isn't meant to be about dutiful, blind obedience or an aspiration to be a "good Christian".  It's a great adventure of falling into the hands of an almighty God who loves us.
So here we are, taking a leap of faith. Where next, God?

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