Wednesday, December 9, 2015

SAHM: Finding the rhythm

Switching to being a SAHM has definitely been an adjustment, especially while under the weather! I've fallen behind on the house maintenance routine, dinner last night never made it off the ground and we ended up ordering pizza, and Z has been taking some very short naps.  It's been the perfect storm for a overwhelming week, but I think things are starting to turn around.  I've decided to hold off on the more structured leaning units until we find our rhythm at home together. In the meantime, we are exploring the local parks, libraries, museums, etc and stepping up on our toy rotation.  Z also learned the word "noise" this week and he has been observing all sorts of noises - some that I don't even notice.  As a result, we had some fun with a metal mixing bowl this morning. He started out drumming on it.  Then we flipped it over and he hit the rim.  He was absolutely delighted at the different sound it made. I said something about it sounding like the bells in Spain and he lit up and said, "yeah!".

Hopefully we will find a good rhythm and resume the unit studies soon!

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